Breed Referrals


  The Hoosier Kenel Club, Inc. does not provide a named list of breeders.
  We do provide a list of members and the breeds that they represent and their
  e-mail address, if available.

  See Club Members on the Home page of this web site.

  We also provide a direct link (below) to the American Kennel Club so that you
  may do a search to select the breed that you  are looking for in your area.

  It is a very easy 3 step process.

  Step 1.    Select the type of club.  For breed specific select "Specialty".

  Step 2.    Select the type of breed you are looking for.

  Step 3.    Select the state you wish to inquire about.

  This will list all the clubs in that state and a contact person that can assist you
  in connecting you with different breeders.

AKC Breed Club Referral Link