The Central Indiana Kennel Club &
The Hoosier Kennel Club
Present the
Indy Winter Classic All-Breed Dog Shows
Four Great Days of Dog Shows
February 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th, 2016
In the West Pavilion
At The
Indiana State Fairgrounds

Catalogue Advertising Rates:

Full Page                   (7 " X 10")     - $90.00        
Inside Covers            (7 " X 10")    - $150.00 (Full Color: $125 Add'l.) Sold
1/2 Page                    (7 " X 5")       - $60.00       
Outside Back Cover  (7 " X 10")    - $175.00 (Full Color: $145 Add'l.) Sold
1/4 Page                    (7 " X 2 ")  - $45.00

Breeders Listing (Breed, Kennel Name, Name, Address, Tel. Number, E-Mail) -$10.00.  ($5.00 as an additional ad to any of the above)

Your ad will run all four days of the show in one combined show catalogue.  We expect an average entry of 2,300 dogs per show, with anticipated spectators of 2,000 - 3,000 dog lovers.

Please print or type all ad copy.  Put your name and address on all photos and ad copy to be returned.  Ad layout will be at the printer's discretion unless camera ready.  Catalogue ads must be in Chairman's hands by Wednesday, December 28, 2015.
Payment must accompany ad copy. 
Make checks payable to: Hoosier Kennel Club Inc. 

Mail to:
Fred Krieger, Catalogue Advertising Chairman                    
1233 W. Furry Rd. Fountaintown, IN. 46130                                
Ph: 317-861-6937                                           
Follow us on Face Book at "Indy Winter Classic" and check out our websites or

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Catalog Advertising Rates